further 02

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further 02

Published by
Florian Genz, Lea Szramek, Michelle Jekel, Magnus Terhorst, Aurélien Guillery, Elena Fiebig, Aliona Kardash, Florian Dürkopp
19 x 13.5 cm
384 pages
ISBN 978-3-86206-874-6
January 2021
Verlag Kettler

As this year was a bit different than others and our bus was parked warm and safe almost the whole year, we nearly did the complete book making process online. And somewhere in between making a lot of lists and finding ourselves in situations like trying to show each other the texture of possible printing paper via Zoom (realizing that this doesn’t work at all) this book came out.

Further 02 features work by 34 student members from around the world, exploring diverse topics such as uncertainty, hope, hardship, authenticity, and love. Additionally, the books’ intro shows pictures taken by our members during the early phases of lockdown. Over a period of 72 days we ran this project and the results give a visual glimpse of our experiences and emotions at that time. We hope you enjoy the result of roughly 52 hours of Zoom sessions, 62GB of data, 2.665 different files organized in 723 rows of online spreadsheets and hours of talk about how scary the moon might be. Further 02 was made with love, but without hugs.

Featuring works by Shirin Abedi, Katja Aßfalg, Jasper Bastian, Jan Borreck, Daniel Chatard, Florian Dürkopp, Tamara Eckhardt, Lea Franke, Chrystyna Gamerman, Andy Happel, Nils Heck, Richard Heinicke, Rafael Heygster, Nick Jaussi, Victoria Jung, Aliona Kardash, Franziska Kaufhold, Josh Kern, Felix Kleymann, Ksenia Kuleshova, Helena Lea Manhartsberger, Wilko Meiborg, Santiago Mesa, Daniel Niedermeier, Ingmar Björn Nolting, Laila Schubert, Fabian Schwarze, Jan A. Staiger, Malte Uchtmann, Margarita Valdivieso, Chiara Wettmann, Celine Yasemin, Jule Wild, Lucrezia Zanardi, Ali Zaraay und Esmee van Zeeventer.